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September 22, 2010
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Suddenly the body started to twitch. 10 ducked inside a small crack and poked her head out. She watched as the other stitchpunk's body started to move and then eventually sit up. The world around them was becoming darker. 10 watched from her hiding spot as the other stitchpunk looked around. She couldn't make out what colour the stitchpunk was. Or it's number. It was too dark to see that. But then it spoke.
''Wh-where am I?'' it looked around frantically, a hint of worry in it's voice. 10 slowly crept out from her hiding spot. 10 could tell it was a male from it's voice. She wanted to examine this stitchpunk a little more closely even though she couldn't see much. He turned around and saw 10 who darted back inside the crack in the wall, startled by what just happened.
''W-wait!'' he called out. 10 backed further away inside the crack, as far as she could go.
''P-please don't g-go! It's d-dark a-and I'm not s-sure where I am'' he muttered softly, confused. 10 was feeling confused herself. She'd just brought this poor little stitchpunk back to life with her talisman. She wasn't exactly sure WHY it happened either. She walked slowly back outside and tapped the other stitchpunk on the shoulder. The stitchpunk gasped in surprise. 10 turned around and slowly walked back inside the crack in the wall. The other stitchpunk seemed to understand her because he followed her inside.
The next morning 10 woke up and saw that the walls were covered in something that seemed very familiar to 10.
They were covered in drawings, markings of 10s talisman. 10 looked around and took a moment to absorb what she was seeing. This was all strange. Very, VERY strange. Suddenly she could hear the sound of someone...humming. 10 turned around and saw the other stitchpunk whom she had recently brought back to life with the talisman staring down at the ground and moving his arms in circular motions, humming to himself. 10 clutched the talisman on the inside pocket of her cloak and slowly approached him to see what he was doing. She noticed that his body was made out of black and white stripy material and that his, 6, number was printed on his back. He must have heard her approaching because he immediately stopped humming and looked in her direction. 10 noticed that one of his optics was larger than the other and that on the top of his head, he had a tuft of wild, ropey hair. 10 also noticed that his hands were made of pen nibs. 10 then realised that it was 6 who drew the pictures of her talisman all over the walls because that is what he was drawing on the floor when she approached him. 6 pointed at his drawing on the floor.
''The n-new source'' he said.
The next chapter in my story. Hope you like it. I'll bet you are all wondering about 10s talisman but don't worry, all will be revealed in later chapters :D!
Sorry if this chapter seems short but I promise to extend my chapters (or try to) in future :)
CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM IS WELCOME (but again...please be nice :)

10 - belongs to me
9 - belongs to Shane Acker

Previous chapter [link] Next chapter-----coming soon----- :)
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wow , you character has the same idea as my 10 oc , my 10 oc has a piece of the tailsman in inside her and she can resurrect the dead stitchpunks with it ^^
Jazzlednightmare16 Sep 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Oh wow really? :wow: :O. That is so cool. I hope you don't think I'm copying your idea though because I swear I'm not :S. I made this up ages ago (like, before I had a deviant art account) but haven't had the chance to type the story up and post it. That is so weird that we both had similar ideas for our 10 ocs :O. We must be on a similar wave a way :) :O!
But thanks for leaving a comment though :)!
no it's ok ^^
there's over 2 billion ppl in the world we're all bound to come up with some of the same ideas :)

I've been there, my oc is similur to anothers even though I made up my character before setting up and account and seeing their character. My 10 oc is paired up with cute lil 6 ! Does yours have a partner?

Want to be friends ? ^^
Jazzlednightmare16 Sep 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
*phew* Thank you :D!
Yeh I guess there will always be similarities with other OCs no matter what :D!
My OC is also paired up with 6. But it's definitely not a ''Love at first sight'' kind of pairing :P. She just gets to know him better than the others (she did resurrect him first with her talisman :P) and for other reasons too which you will find out later down the track :D. But she does become really good friends with 5.
Sure I'd like to be friends :D!
^^ hooray! a new friend!
my 10 oc does love 6 too lol!
Interesting info!
If you want I can send you some info on my 10 oc?
Jazzlednightmare16 Sep 22, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
YAY! *:glomp:, :hug: and :tighthug: you XD*
Yes please. I would love some info on ur 10 oc :D. If you'd like to know anything else about my 10 oc, just let me know :). But I don't wanna give too much away because a lot will be revealed about her later :D.
brief info on my 10 oc :iconemopunk68:

Her soul is of a girl who sacrificed her life to save her lovers
life when the machines attacked , desperate to save her ,
he rushed her to the scientist,
( the scientist was about to transfer the remainer of his soul into 9
but Was interupted by 10 's lover who knocked down the door
carrying 10 in his arms begging the scientist to save her.
10 was never marked with the number 10 on her when she was created(6 puts in on her back later to make her one of them)
10 doesn't get her memory back till later before she ressurects the dead stitchpunks. the scientist leaves a video box 9 with like in the movie but tell 9 about 10 /other stitchpunk telling him about her and leaving it up to 9 whether or not to let her see her video box left for her ( 9 doesn't know 10 followed 9 and is hiding and heard everything) 9 decides not tell her leaving to go back to 7 , 1 and the twins to tell what the scientist said, 10 opens the video box and it's her deceased lover talking to her telling stuff about her , and he tells her he wants he to move on in life and to be happy .
After 10 resurrects them she and 6 try to make the best of their lives together :)
the girl/ 10 's dream was to be married , for that her lover had her made from the fabrics of a wedding dress
He had a piece of her own hair sewn on the stitchpunk

the broken heart symbolizes her dreams ripped apart ( plus a broken heart is my trademark symbol).

I hope any of this is understandable, I suck at writing and telling storys.
Jazzlednightmare16 Sep 23, 2010  Hobbyist Artist
Oh wow. Your characters back story is really interesting. I understood what you were trying to say. Don't worry, I suck at writing and telling stories too :P. Awww such a sad past :(! It's nice that she and 6 try to get on with their lives after she resurrects him and the others.
Thank you so much for the interesting background info of your character :). For sending me the info of your character, you can pick who 6 and 10 are going to bring back next with 10s talisman for my story (if you want to, that is :)). Me personally, I was thinking either 5 or 2. But I'm letting u decide :D!
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